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The title is self-explanatory. I post gifs, pictures, videos, quotes, lyrics, etc. by the hottest female rappers to ever touch a mic in the Hip-Hop/Rap/Underground music industry. I have an unhealthy obsession over Nicki Minaj and Trina. I respect all femcees (with the exception of Keys. That bitch can go hide in a closet). I'm not mean, and I'm extremely generous. If you'd like to see your favorite female rapper on the blog, submit me some shit! If there's a female rapper you don't see on this blog, tell me! I like expanding my music choices. Send me questions! Do whatever'll get my attention.

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thebestmoviesever asked: I really like your page!!! Oh yeah, I love Arular as well! I can listen to that album all day long!!!

Thank you, ma’am! And, yes! In 7th grade, I would repeatedly listen to it and I still do.

Qiayz: Pussy Eater

I’m feelin’ her!

fashion-delinquent asked: Of course he was desperate! No one cares about him, except the tumblr fags!

He may have a nice sized dick, but I’m pretty convinced he’s terrible when it comes down to layin’ the pipe. He looks like a one hitter quitter.

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Trina: Stop Traffic (Feat. Pitbull)


Lil Mama.

My love for Rye Rye is beginning to get deep.


Rihanna taught her

Except Nicki wore those leggings/pants/whatever-you-wanna-call-those-things before the Rude Boy video…

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I love Arular more than anything.

Title: Rockin' Artist: Lil Kim 223 plays

Lil’ Kim: Rockin’

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